Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bonnie love

I would have posted this layout last night, but I've been having issues with my external hard drive (where ALL of my pictures and videos are stored, and are NOT backed up any where else....I should probably look into backing them up, eh?) But I finally got it to work and was able to get this uploaded.

Anyway, last Thursday we were heading home from Jordyn's Spring choir concert when my dad asked her if she knew that when he was in 8th grade, he had a solo in his Spring concert. He then proceeded to sing us the song. "I'll go home with Bonny Jean". He still knew every word! No doubt because he had sung it to my mom, BonnIE JUNE, several times over the years.

At that moment, I thought - "I have GOT to get this on video!"

So, on Mother's Day, I asked my dad to sing the song to my mom as I recorded it. He acted a bit shy and hesitant, but I think he was flattered that I asked him to do it...even if it meant we had to mute the Tigers game on the tv.

Then I created a scrapbook page about it:

Bonnie love:

Behind the photo of my mom and dad is a CD on which the .mpg file of him singing this can be found. So, future generations will be able to watch my dad sing this song to my mom. That is, IF this media is still available and there are still machines around that will play it! Imagine if you stumbled upon a beta tape from your parents - how would you play it today? But, I guess my grandkids' grandkids will have to figure that out themselves. I've preserved the memory the best way I know how.

Some observations on the process and the products used:

  1. Label shaped paper purchased at the Mega Meet (woo hoo! I'm using the things I bought!!) is from My Mind's Eye.

  2. Heidi Swapp ghost sticker "love" (also purchased at Mega Meet)

  3. I used white rub on letters for the word "Bonnie" (left over from the Lisa Bearnson All About Me kit - the kit that keeps going and going and going and going!)

  4. Heidi Swapp date stamp (I've always wanted one of these, and LOOK! I've already used it twice now. Quite a bargain for $2.99 - also from the Mega Meet)

  5. I really like the Kraft colored cardstock. Must get some more of this.

  6. I am enormously blessed to have two parents that are still so much in love.

And you can watch him sing it here if you so choose. It's saccharine sweet.

ps - If at any time during this video you hear some off-key humming, that's my mom, who God love her, can not carry a tune to save her life!! Love you mom!!


Kim said...

First thing I have to say is Addie is singing "Go Home, Go Home, Go Home with Bobbi Jean :)" I got goose bumps when he finished singing and kissed her. HOW PRECIOUS!!!!

Love the layout and absolutely love the paper. That is so sweet that you captured this moment.

~Amy said...

Page is great! Love that you used "your" paper and the green dots are perfect w/your Mom's jacket!!

The video is Dad sings really well!!

Kim said...

Heather~ I just have to tell you, we have watched this video quite a few times now. Thursday night, one of our late nights out on our way home Addison asked me again about the song and I said it was called Bonnie Jean. She asked how it went and I couldn't remember. Next thing I know she is singing "Go Home, Go Home, Go Home with Bobbie Jean". When we got home we had to play it for Bill. Then when we were at my Mom's for the May Celebrations it was played for the whole family. Now, today we have played it 3 times. I just wanted to let you know you are keeping my child entertained :)

kid_curry said...

That's adorable!