Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ScRaP SiStaZ Challenge 21 - I heart you

WOW! I can't believe it's been almost TWO YEARS since our last ScRap SisTaZ challenge was posted!! And it's been 18 MONTHS since I scrapped and posted a page. WOW!

(Hey, I started and ended that paragraph with the same word!)

I am THRILLED that Tina posted Challenge 21 to get us going again!! Thanks, Tina.
Let me just say that when I saw the inspiration page I thought, GREAT! Now this looks like one of those 30 minute pages Lain Ehmann talks about. One photo. Couple strips of journaling. A splash of buttons. Nothing really elaborate. So, heck, why don't I do TWO lay outs at ONCE?!?

Five hours later (or more), and here they are.

I heart Jordyn:

Journaling Reads: Jordyn – You call Facebook your “happy place”. It truly is a reflection of the joyful, positive young woman that you are. You are wise beyond your 15 years. The proof is in the status updates…misspellings & all: Be yourself! (9/18/11) * Smile... Pass it on! (9/16/11) * Lifes to good and short to live your life unhappy... :) :) :) (9/12/11) * The grass is always greener on the otherside.... But you still have to mow both sides. :) (8/21/11) * Gunna be a good life :) (7/11/11) * I love the people who make me smile when they dont even try :) :) :) (6/28/11) * … If you have time to worry about the bad things, then you have just enough time to look at the good side of things :) (6/16/11) * You only live once... So live your life tothe fullest :) Dont waste it :) (5/24/11) * Rainbow! (8/21/11) *

I heart my Dad:

Journaling Reads: It’s hard to believe I’ll never hear your voice again. On the days when missing you hits me harder than others, I listen to hymns and I instantly feel your presence. Hearing those southern gospels makes me feel as if I’m nine years old again, at a church revival with you standing next to me in the pew, my arm intertwined with yours, and my head resting against your shoulder. I close my eyes and I can almost hear your smooth alto voice rising up in earnest praise and worship. The tears flow. It Is Well, In the Garden, The Old Rugged Cross, How Great Thou Art, Are You Washed in the Blood, to name a few. These songs comfort me and help me to realize that your voice will always be with me.

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  1. I actually like the 8 1/2 x 11 format.

  2. I found this size/shape photo difficult to work with. A very large square. What do you do, print an 8x10 and trim down? Print a 5x7? But if you print a 5x7 then if you trim anything, you're trimming off part of the person (if it's a head shot). Do you go to Picasa and print from there? I don't know, it was hard for me.

  3. Forgive the picture of each layout, they are the EXACT same papers, but somehow the pics look different. Colors are better represented in Jordyn's layout.

  4. My ATG tape gun runner was NOT working well for me. Either I forgot how to use it, or Big Red was mad at me for staying away for so long.

  5. Scrapping in my newly reorganized office was FABULOUS! I love that I know where everything is and that it is all labeled so nicely. (pictures eventually)

  6. It's not the easiest to scrap through tears. But, it was cathartic and I'm glad I did it.

Inspiration Layout:


~Amy said...

Absolutely love both!! Love how you put Jordan's actual statuses and the journaling about your Dad is beautiful!

~Amy said...

JORDYN! Silly auto correct!

xxxxx said...

OMG!!! Jor is definitely her mother's daughter! Heath, you are such a GREAT role model for her. It is evident in her statuses!

Tears... yes, they welled up when I read the journaling on your dad's page. You both are lucky to have had each other to "lean" on. Beautiful.

Way to "double down" on the Challenge!

Mindy said...

Heather! You overachiever you! While I was thinking "I should get to that" you were cranking out two awesome pages!

I follow Jordyn's posts on facebook and I've noticed what a wonderful attitude she has. What a great idea to scrap about it.