Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOAD 212 Day 1 - Corned Beef and Cabbage

How crazy can I be? I signed up for Lain Ehmann's Lay Out A Day challenge in which we are given a prompt each day for the entire month of February, and I am supposed to scrapbook one layout per day for the next 29 days. Um, I haven't created more than a half dozen layouts in all of 2011, and I signed up to create ONE per DAY for all of Feb?!?

Yep, certifiably insane.

At least I completed Day 1's assignment: A Matter of Taste. The prompt was to scrapbook about something food related. And I chose to record this story:

Journaling reads:

As St. Patrick’s Day, 2011 approached, my heart was heavy. This would be the first St. Patrick’s Day where I wouldn’t be able to call my dad and ask him to make some corned beef and cabbage for me as I had done for so many years in the past. Having lost a parent herself, Mair knew how hard this first year without him would be. To boost my spirits, she offered to throw a St. Patrick’s Day EVE party, complete with corned beef and cabbage. Look at the joy in her face as she stirs the pot! She is a fabulous cook, a self-taught chef, and an amaaaaazing hostess. The corned beef and cabbage (plus potatoes) were out of this world! She told me later that night that she felt Bennie’s presence as she prepared the meal through out the day. I could truly feel his love and warmth shining through the food. Being surrounded by this compassionate crowd and the ultimate comfort food (Hello! Guinness chocolate cupcakes, I love you!), made the loss of my dad easier to bear on this first St. Paddy’s without him here. Thank you Laura, Mair, Shelley, and Amy for lifting me up with your food and bevvies. 3/16/11

It's not a perfect layout, but it's DONE!


~Amy said...

It's perfectly perfect! Love it! And the journaing is what it's all about. Xo!

~Amy said...

It's perfectly perfect! Love it! And the journaing is what it's all about. Xo!

Kim said...

Heather I LOVE it! What great friends you have :)
Good job on day 1!

And....YES, you are insane :) LOL!

tortagialla said...

Cute collage layout! I'm visiting from LOAD and I was wondering what I got myself into as well, at the beginning of this month! But I'm really loving the process and learning a whole lot about my own scrapping preferences in a short amount time. Pretty cool!