Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LOAD212 - Day 7 - Christmas Card 2011

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day challenge for Day 7 was: I always thought....What did you used to think that has now not come true?

I again diverted from the topic in favor of working on my Christmas card album. I now only have to do 2009 and I will be all caught up (for this album, anyway!)

Journaling Reads:

We took this year’s family portrait at Grandma and Grandpa Hillary’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party at Blue Water Grill in Grand Rapids on a gorgeous October afternoon. All of Dad’s brothers and sisters were there with their spouses and children, bringing the party attendance total to 29 people!

You all had a blast spending time with your cousins on the west side of the state. Owen and Allison were joined at the hip. Rachel still likes to follow Liam around like a puppy, Ashton did a hysterical impersonation of newborn Emily’s cry, and Jordyn enjoyed sitting at the adult table.

Our outfits were inspired by the dress that Jordyn chose to wear which contained shades of aqua, teal, gray, and black. Jordyn is officially a young lady. While Liam and Owen are turning into quite the little gentlemen. Ashton is still pretty perfect and looked adorable in his skinny black denim.

Even though the picture was taken in October, Mom didn’t get the wallets printed until mid-December. She stuffed them into variations of this Hallmark card: Sha(red), Sac(red), and Chee(red), the proceeds of which benefited AIDS elimination in Africa.

If you’ll remember, Mom purchased these cards in 2008 and intended to send them in 2009. It was nice to finally put them to use, even if Mom didn’t get them to the post office until December 20th! (Mom will try harder next year to get them out early like she used to!)

In the end, though, getting the card out on time…or at ALL, for that matter, doesn’t mean much unless you take the time to share love with friends and family. Let’s give less stuff and share more love, indeed.

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  1. Patterned paper from the DCWV Christmas stack. This is an awesome stack. I use it all the time!

  2. Had more energy tonight than last night...I'm contributing it to the ahhhhhhhhmazing bath I took earlier tonight. And I'm going to bed before midnight....SCHA-WING!

  3. I listened to Pandora again, but I listened to the Ingrid Michaelson channel. Very scrappy.


~Amy said...

Love the paper! The colors are awesome and match your card perfectly!

Kim said...

Love the layout AND love the colors.

For some reason I can't make the layout bigger. It looks like I can but then not :(

xxxxx said...

Beautiful page... beautiful family!