Friday, February 3, 2012

LOAD 212 - Day 3 - Gorgeous Girl

The assignment for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day challenge for Day 3 was to look at yourself THEN and NOW. How have you changed/stayed the same?

Journaling Reads:
No, I'm not conceited. This was my dad's nickname for me my entire life. I was his Gorgeous Girl and my sister was his Darling Daughter. As awkward as my tween and teen years were (the least embarrassing photographic evidence is pictured above), I had the confidence of a beauty queen. I credit a lot of that swagger to this moniker. My motto has always been, "If I don't think I'm beautiful, who will?" Which apparently is why I decided to get some Glamour Shots taken in the 90's. What? You didn't?

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  1. I do not love my own hand journaling, but sometimes it makes the most sense for the papers you're using.

  2. Next time I do LOAD, I will organize my photos beforehand. Searching for a photo or two or through is proving to be the biggest time sucker so far.

  3. DCWV paper from Fun in the Sun Summer Stack. I took a second sheet of the same paper (that my first attempt at hand journaling failed on) and hand cut out some more of the flowers to frame the photos some more.

  4. This layout contains - 2 sheets of 12x12 card stock, sticker letters, 3 brads, and 12" of ribbon.

  5. As I was finishing my page, Owen came into my office and looked at the photos. He pointed to the photo from 1982 and said, "That one is a little bit ugly." Um, yes, thank you, Owen. So, I replied, "And guess who looks JUST like that photo?!?! YOU!" Burn.


~Amy said...

Omg cracking up at the "burn"!! I love how you added the extra flowers around the pics. Another great page! Gorgeous Girl--->so true! Xo!

Kim said...

I LOVE your handwriting! It does just "make" the page! Was going to ask about the flowers :). Love how it is still about your Dad :'(

xxxxx said...

You WERE and still are a gorgeous girl! Your dad nailed it!!