Sunday, February 5, 2012

LOAD212 - Day 4 - Christmase Eve has changed

The assignment for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day challenge for Day 4 was: How have things changed? She encouraged us to scrap the FIRST thing that came to mind. For me, it was instantly Christmas Eve without my dad.

Hidden Journaling (behind the photos) Reads:
In 2009, we didn’t know that this would be our last Christmas Eve where we could hold a conversation with you, ask you to carve the turkey, and joke and laugh as you told your corny jokes.

In 2010, the brain tumor had taken away your personality, your ability to interact spontaneously with others; and we sadly knew that this would be our last Christmas Eve where we could sit next to you, hold your hand, and kiss and hug you.

In 2011, we spent our first Christmas Eve without you. You weren’t there in body, but we know you were there in spirit.

We miss you every day, but the holidays are certainly harder. My tears started to fall when I opened a gift from mom. She gave me the Irish whistle and song book that I had brought back from Ireland for you in 1990, it had sat atop your dresser for two decades. She gave Jacob your Pickle ball paddle, because he now enjoys the same sport he used to watch his Poppa play so well. And the floodgates opened when Shawn gave an International Association of Fire Fighters vehicle sticker to me, Mom, and Jeremy along with the heartfelt note that I’ve attached to the back of this journaling card.

Christmas Eve has changed.

NOTE FROM SHAWN ON THE BACK OF THE JOURNALING CARD: I asked one of the firefighters at Hazel Park Fire Department if I could get an official vehicle sticker for each of us-Mom, Jeremy, Heather, and myself. I know that it has much significance for those in the line of duty, and also for us, who have been blessed by Dad, who always served faithfully. I recently received this impactful message from one of his fellow firefighters, Bill Anderson: ‘Bennie was a quiet but positive influence on me. I feel blessed to have had him next to me in many a fire. It might have saved my life. –Bill’

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  1. DCWV Patterned Paper from the Christmas Stack

  2. Cried a lot while I made this page

  3. My scrapping music lately has been the Johnny Cash station on Pandora, with songs by JC, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, these people are story tellers. Which is why I think their music goes so well with scrapping. Give 'em a listen!


~Amy said...

Love this page and the most powerful thing about it is the 3 pictures and the story they tell. XO

~Amy said...

PS: I have a JC station on Pandora, too!

Kim said...


Love the journaling card behind and the ribbon is so cute :)