Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Challenge 13a - pump

I created another layout last night inspired by ScRap SiStaZ challenge 13a. Now I only have three more challenges to catch up on before moving on to ScRap SiStaZ challenge 18:
  • s*r*p
  • Meeting Santa
  • class of 1989 grad

Or I can move on to Challenge 18 and get back to those other three later.

At any rate, here's 13a...


Observations about the process and the products used:

  1. No, it's not exactly like the inspiration layout, but I did use the inspiration layout as a guide. There are similarities and differences. First, the similarities:
  • 11x11 cardstock matted on a different color 12x12 cardstock
  • "Stitched" the smaller cardstock to the larger cardstock...I did this using my trusty white pen and a stitching template. I've had the stitching template for a while. It has several types of "stitches" on it. But this is the first time that I've used it, that I can recall. I really wish I had the nerve to pull out my sewing machine and stitch for real on my layouts. I'm not there, yet.
  • Handwritten journaling (although, I turned mine on their side)
  • A roughly stamped quote next to the photo. Although, mine uses bigger alpha stamps, which I was cursing the entire time. I usually love these stamps but they were NOT working for me! I basically had to go back and color in all of the letters with my white marker. When I had finished stamping the quote, I had all but sworn off CTMH stamp sets forever. Then I decided to try those same stamps in a different color ink on a piece of scrap paper. On my layout, I used SU! Craft White ink. On the scraps of paper, I used SU! Basic Black ink...and the stamped images came out perfectly. So, all of that time I had been cursing the CTMH stamps when I should have been cursing the type of ink that I was using!! (I've about had it with that SU! Craft ink!)
  1. Next, the differences:
  • I used two smaller photos instead of one large one.
  • The photo placement is on the opposite side of the page. It started off on the same side of the page, but when I tried to stamp the quote the first time on the right side of the page, it came out HORRIBLY. So, I had to move the photos to cover the debacle and stamp the quote on the left side of the page instead.
  • I added some ribbon
  • I did not "stitch" on the photos
  • Color scheme is different. The challenge used warm tones, I used cool.

All in all, I think I could have come up with a more satisfying layout if I would have come up with my own design, or if I would have lifted another design, rather than trying to make these photos fit in with this inspiration layout. I don't HATE this layout, but it's not one of my shining stars. It just doesn't "speak" to me.

But, that's OK. What's important is that I captured the memory. And I spent time CREATING. And I enjoyed the journey (minus the stamping debacle.) And the layout will "speak" to others for generations to come.

Inspiration Layout:


Kim said...

Don't be cursing the CTMH stamps!! LOL! :) Glad you got it all figured out!

Way to get an important memory captured. Love the faux stitching! I think you did a great job with the challenge/guide!

Tina said...

Love the quote for the page! Perfect!!