Monday, September 28, 2009

Eight is great!!

TA DA!!!
Now I can move on to Jordyn's birthday album!! :)

Eight is great!!:
Observations on the process and the products used:
  1. Picasa Photo Collage (LOVE those!!)
  2. Still will never understand why a photo (even a collage) looks great on my computer screen, then cuts off someone's head when I print it out. Sorry Liam.
  3. Title and journaling created in PowerPoint, leaving space in the middle for the 5x7 photo collage.
  4. Title used five different fonts:
    Eight - A Truer Blue
    is -Verdana
    great - Digs my Hart
    !! - Elise
    ) turned sideways to make the smiley face - Arial
  5. Again, used buttons from my sewing stash that I've had for years and years and years.
  6. Stapled some scrap green ribbon on at the last minute to create a color contrast to all of the blue and red accents.
  7. All in all, this was a pretty quick and easy page. Less than 2 hours. That's pretty quick, right?


Tina said...

This is SO fricking cute! I love the title... very creative and perfect for the layout! Used PP, eh?? Never thought of that!!

~Amy said...

The your use of techno!! Great layout!

Kim said...

Love this layout! I find Picasa a little frustrating! I just want to drag my photos like on a Mac!