Tuesday, September 25, 2012

October (Scrap Happy Only) S.H.O.time LOAD Blog Hop!

October will mark the beginning of my third LOAD.  For those that don't know, LOAD is a layout a day challenge whereby members commit to creating one scrapbook page per day for an entire month. 

Let me repeat that, ONE SCRAPBOOK PAGE PER DAY!!!  Sane? Not entirely.  Doable? Absolutely.

Full disclosure...

During my first LOAD, February 2012, I did it!! I completed the challenge!!  28 PAGES!! WAHOO!!

During my second LOAD, May 2012, I'd like to say that I did it, but I'm keeping it real up in here...I only did half of it.  I could make up a zillion excuses why I only completed 16 out of 31 pages (we all have them), but excuses don't matter. 

What matters is that between LOAD212 and LOAD512, I completed FORTY FOUR scrapbook pages.  Which is forty four more than I would have created had I not participated in LOAD.  And that, my friends, is the bomb dot com.

Can I get a WHAT! WHAT!

So, what kind of advice can I give about LOAD participation?
  1. Breathe - In Yoga, it's important to focus on the breath.  It is calming and powerful, it creates a rhythm.  I think the same holds true during LOAD.  Just breathe, and everything will be OK.  Promise.
  2. JFDI - Just Freakin' Do It (feel free to replace that F word with something stronger or weaker depending on your comfort level) - And by this I mean, don't stress about creating a page, don't dwell on it forever, don't fret about it, don't spend a coon's age picking out your paper, just sit down and do it.  JFDI.
  3. Done - We've all heard Lain say that Done is better than Perfect.  As a recovering perfectionist, I can tell you that this is 110% correct.  What matters most is that you've recorded the memory.  I remind myself of this DAILY during LOAD. 
  4. Connect - One of my favorite things about participating in my first two LOADs was connecting with other LOADsters in the gallery.  My method for connecting was to always comment on the 10 previous pages that had been uploaded prior to mine.  I'm not suggesting that this is something that others have to do, but if we all did this, then everyone would be guaranteed at least 10 comments on every page. It's a method of connecting that I'm comfortable with.  It's not for everyone.  But I would encourage you to try and connect to others during LOAD.  Find a method that works for you.  It WILL enhance your experience.
  5. Live - Life doesn't stop during LOAD. Continue to live it.
  6. Smile - Remember that this a hobby that you luh-uh-uhvvvve. Love. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy. If it becomes a chore. Take a breather (aaaaaand we're back to number 1 above).

I could probably go on about preparation: photo printing, scrap space organization, make ahead freezer meals for your family, etc.  But, since I didn't do all of those things prior to the last two LOADs, I'm not entirely sure they're essential to the experience.  Helpful?  Probably.  But, not essential.

Looking forward to another enchanting LOAD and to spending October with some scraptacular ladies!

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Dani said...

I love it JFDI!!!! I'm so adopting that mantra!!

sassyscrapper said...

Yes...JFDI...so funny! Just faithfully do it! Could take it in so many directions. Very clever post. Thanks for participating.

Heather Leigh said...

OOOOHHH, yes, Faithfully works well here!! I like it! :)

Kelli said...

JFDI!!! Awesome!!! Totally in love with your writing style and how you "keep it real!" I look forward to seeing you in the gallery!!

Danielle Hunter said...

I have to agree with the others...JFDI is awesome! That's another must-have in the LOAD lingo. Your blog is refreshing in a "gangsta scrappa" kind of way, LOL. It reminds me of my old biz name, ScrappinMemories4U. I always felt gangsta when I said it and even thought about hiring someone to spray paint/tag the name. Never did and moved on. Looking forward to scrappin' with ya in October ;)

Alison Charlton said...

JFDI - works for me too!!!!!!! Great post!

Heather said...

I love that done is better is perfect is 110% correct. So very true!

Alison Day said...

Done is WAY better than perfect! I am a long time convert of this philosophy (although I do have perfectionist relapses every now and then!!)
Great advice - especially the breathing part. Very essential!!

LCSmithSAVED said...

L-O-V-E your post - thanks so much for helping with the hop - see ya Monday!

Cathy Holiday said...

Woot, woot! JFDI, baby! I'm with ya!

K8 4man said...

Woot woot! Love the advice! Keep living during LOAD...so true!

Claire said...

Great post, Heather. I have a Silhouette machine - JFDI might JUST make it onto a T-shirt :) I too try and comment on those layouts closest to mine - generally a few each side, but I also like to 'cruise' and poke in on those that stand out to me too. Everybody likes LOAD love!

Betsye Rose said...

Great post. I had to go back and read the JFDI again, because the first time I read it, I read "JEDI" (yes, big Star Wars fan). I'm going to faithfully do it this month!