Thursday, March 15, 2012

LOAD212 - Day 27 - Pepper

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day challenge for Day 27 was - Animal Magnetism

This is a layout about my childhood cat, Pepper.

Journaling Reads:

We didn't have many pets when I was growing up, but we did have Pepper, the softest, fluffiest cat I'd ever seen. She was a stray that we sort of took in. She was an outside cat, but she had a litter box in the garage. And my parents fed her just enough to keep her hungry for the field mice. One winter she drank antifreeze and died behind the wood pile.

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  1. This is a case of being exhausted from scrapping every day, and doing a layout because I "have" to, not because I "want" to. There's more to the story that could be told, but I guess this is enough.

  2. However, I'm noticing that there is no date on this page. I need to go back and correct that.

  3. Those buttons aren't aesthetically placed so much as they are strategically placed to cover a rip in the patterned paper.

  4. Bling letters for the title are leftover letter stickers from Jordyn's Sweet Sixteen party. I think they juxtaposition well against the ruggedness of the paper.

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~Amy said...

Awwww....poor Pepper!! Cute page!