Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenge 14b - Coin Angels

Kicking Booty on the ScRap SiStaZ challenges the last couple of days. Here is Challenge 14b.
Coin Angels:

Some observations on the process and the products used:

  1. This was a SIMPLE layout.
  2. I spent probably 2 hours total, including clean up, taking the photo, & blogging about it (whilst checking Facebook & emails from time to time).
  3. Behind the photo is a journaling card which pretty much has this as the text, with a couple of modifications. Gotta get back to blogging about more than just birds here pretty soon.
  4. I finally got to use some of my arrows from the Mega Meet!
  5. The title that I stamped originally looked like it said COINANGELS, because I didn't leave any space between the two words. It didn't bother me until I took the picture and started to post it. Then I thought, "I can NOT live with it like that!" So I used a scrap piece of yellow cardstock (taken from behind the patterned paper before I adhered it - I'm a frugal scrapper like that). Anyway, I restamped the word COIN further over to the left. Well THEN there was TOO much space between the two words. So, I grabbed a penny to fill the space and adhered it with a ZOTS uber sticky glue dot. I LOVE the result of this mistake!! Although I didn't love the process of having to correct the mistake!!

Inspiration Layout:


~Amy said...

Another great page! Love the arrow :)

Kim said...

Yet another GREAT page! You go girl! I remember that cute story :)