Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Challenge 17b - Detroit Owen

I accepted Kim's challenge to keep moving on the ScRap SiStaz challenges by completing Challenge 17b (feelings). Although, my topic was more of an event than a feeling. Out of 34 challenges, I have completed 25 layouts. I think that's a pretty good ratio. At some point I want to get around to all of them, or at least MOST of them. It's just so hard to keep up with the weather being so nice.
I was also able to keep moving on my kids' birthday albums as this is another 5th birthday layout for Owen's birthday book.
Detroit Owen - double:
Detroit Owen - left:

Detroit Owen - right:
Some observations about the process and the products used:
  1. I'm not good at guesstimating what size to print my photos. I guesstimated 3.5x5.5 and that was obviously too big. So, I just adapted the layout a little bit to fit my pictures, rather than reprint my pictures to fit the inspiration layout.
  2. I changed this from a one page layout to a two page layout.
  3. Because I changed this to a two page layout, I changed the positioning of the border strip of patterned paper so that it was on the outsides of each of my pages and so that my two journaling blocks were somewhat next to each other.
  4. I picked this army green color background cardstock as sort of a neutral (in absence of a stack of Kraft colored cardstock) and it ended up working really well. Surprisingly, the polka dot patterned paper strips that I used had the same army green color polka dots in it! When in doubt, use green, indeed.
  5. The font used for the journaling is called A Little Pot. I think all of our layouts could use a little pot. Just Kidding!!
  6. I referred to my "abc color chart" when selecting the journaling font color.
Inspiration Layout:


Kim said...

Yeah!!!! Glad to see a new layout! Love it!!

Mindy said...

I am inspired! I like your layout better than the example. I will definitely be lifting this one because I always need to get a lot of pictures on a page, and this is good for that.

I think that a sign of a good layout is what I notice first. This is the order that I saw things:

1.Overall subject and effect
2. Read the journaling story
3. Looked at each picture
4. Started to take in the details of the embellishments (ribbon, paper, etc)

It works!