Thursday, November 1, 2012

LOAD1012 - Day 30 - Caution

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD1012 - S.H.O. Time) challenge for Day 30 was to scraplift one of your own pages. I scraplifted this page.

Journaling around the photo collage reads:

What a fun Halloween! You & your girlfriends went dressed as pop stars. Megan as Katy Perry...Taylor as Ke$ha...Shelby as Taylor Swift...You as Lady GaGa...and Alicia as a bodacious Nicki Minaj. You met the guys (including Megan's brother as a great Justin Bieber) to go trick-or-treating. We had a great time putting your costume together and you all looked fab!  

Some observations about the process and products:

  1. I find it humorous that I literally took 75 pictures of this group on Halloween.  And only 5 of them made it on to the page.  I guess the rest will live in cyberspace forever.
  2. When you use an 8x10 photo or photo collage on a 12x12 page, there aren't a lot of journaling options.  In this case, I chose to journal around the collage, and I think it worked out pretty well.
  3. I would like more alpha stamps.  And more alpha stickers.  You can never have enough alphas.  Can you imagine Lady Gaga ever uttering that statement?  "You can never have enough alphas," said the lady in the meat dress.
  4. And Jordyn's Halloween album gets another entry.  Epic Pass!

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