Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, Magenta

So, I spent at least an hour tonight editing and choosing the pictures to use in my very first ScRap SiStaZ challenge.

When I went to print them, ONE photo printed instead of five before my Magenta ink cartridge ran out of ink.

Now, I have spare ink cartridges for Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, and even Light Magenta. But no spare Magenta.

So, what do I do at 9:45 pm on a "school night"?

I trek up to Meijer...in the nearly sub zero temperatures...IN MY PAJAMAS!

Guess what one ink cartridge they were OUT of?



Mindy said...

It wasn't meant to be.

Kim said...

Oh how frustrating!!!
Mindy is right it must not have meant to be and your scrappin Mojo was going to be off :)