Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Cards

I made the kids' Valentine's Day cards entirely out of my scrap stash. Gotta love that!!

I trimmed the scraps down to 3x4 and adhered these white hearts onto them (these hearts were left over from my wedding favors...yes, that was back in 2000, yes I am a pack rat, but look! - these DID find another purpose, so I'm glad I saved them, at least my pack rattedness is organized.)

First, I did Owen's class using the red & pink family of scraps (right column).

Then I did Liam's class using the blue & green family of scraps (middle column).

Then my 13 year old daughter, who won't even be having a Valentine's Day party at school, said "Ooohhh, those are so cute! I want some to give to my friends! Will you make me some?!?" So, I made her about a dozen of them in the purple/orange/pink/red family. Basically, all the left overs (left column).

This project was SO quick and easy, and budget friendly to boot!!

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