Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scrapping with Mom

My boys love to scrapbook with me. Actually, they love to papercraft with me.

So, tonight, Liam was set upon making a pennant for the Super Bowl party tomorrow and the pennant had to have brown paper, dontchaknow?

So, I showed him my selection of browns, he agonized over the decision until he found the perfect shade (does that sound familiar to any of YOU?!?) and he went about creating the pennant.

He requested my white marker and made the pennant resemble a football.

I helped him take the pennant up a notch by adding ribbon and football brads to it (he gasped with delight when he saw those brads...again, sound like anyone you know?!?)

This is the finished product, now hanging in Kevin's closet (Liam wanted to surprise him with it.)

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