Tuesday, February 10, 2009

brothers 4 ever, friends 4 life

Number 27 on my list of 25 Random Things about Me (yes, I know I can't count) was this:

"After my boys get into a particularly bad fight with one another, I make them hug, look into each other’s eyes, and say “Brothers Forever, Friends for Life.” I hope they always remember this and truly take it to heart."

I was surprised by the reaction that this little random thing generated. I guess the saying really resonates with other mothers. Especially mothers of sons.
About a year (and some change) ago, I made a scrapbook layout of this saying for each of my boys. The layouts are exactly the same except one has the journaling written to Liam and one has has the journaling written to Owen. (double click the layout to read the journaling)




kid_curry said...

GREAT picture and great page.

Mindy said...

ITA with Kendrea.

~Amy said...

Love it...the colors are great :)