Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Challenge 4b - Baseball Boys

I completed the ScRap SiStaZ Challenge 4b layout on Monday when I had the day off for President's Day. What a great way to spend a day off!

Baseball Boys:

Some observations about the process and the products used:
  1. This will go in Liam's birthday album (slowly but surely, I'll finish those albums!!)
  2. This will represent his SIXTH birthday, not his 7th birthday. When I printed the journaling, I put that it was on his 7th birthday. I finished the page (completely) and re-read the journaling and realized that in 2007 he turned SIX not SEVEN. So, rather than tear the page apart and start over (hail, no!), I covered up "7th" with an orange paper strip on which I wrote "sixth". Nice.
  3. The photos were taken outside of my parents house before Kev & the boys headed down to the game.
  4. I used two photos across the bottom instead of three (making the layout work for me), and I liked the rick rack ON TOP of the photos, since you couldn't really revel in all of its rick-racky glory when I put it UNDER the photos.
  5. This layout was VERY easy to put together (except it was a little time consuming typing the half circle journaling getting everything to line up just so...maybe there's an easier way to do it, but I haven't figured that out yet). And it turned out pretty well, imo, while using very few products:
  • 3 colors of cardstock (1 12x12, 1 8.5x11, and a couple of orange scraps <<>
  • 1 small piece of patterned paper
  • stickers (baseballs & Tigers tickets)
  • blue letter stickers
  • "Baseball" vellum
  • orange rick rack
  • for the dots around the half circle I used my white gel pen and followed a template with lots of circles and cut out dots to guide me. I heart my white gel pen. Seriously heart.

And by the way, Kim, I use the clear ruler that you gave me on every single layout. Thanks SO much. Again.

Go Get 'Em, TIGERS!
(Is it April 10th, yet?)


Mindy said...

I'm reveling in the rick racky glory of this page! A home run!

Heather Leigh said...

I knew you would be! lol :)

~Amy said...

Good job covering the mistake of seventh...I would've never known! I need one of those rulers! Love the page :)

Kim said...

Love, love, love this layout. I think the mistake turned into a "good" thing. it brings a little contrast to the journaling :)

How did you do the circle. I did find it in my Pages Program (Mac Version of Word) but wasn't sure if it would print the background color it was showing me.

Your welcome, glad you use it!


Heather Leigh said...

I'm glad you guys like the layout! Thanks!!

So this is what I did in Word. I created a circle object and sized it to the size that I needed, leaving the outline of the circle in tact. I moved the circle object half way off the page. Then I created a text box and positioned it inside my circle object. If there is a way to make the text "box" in a circle shape, I don't know how to do it. I removed the outline of the text box. Then I did my typing and each new line I had to ident either with the tab or space bar. I left two inches in the middle of the journaling to leave room for my title. I made sure that both the text box and the circle object each had no fill. Then I printed it out on 8.5 x 11 and cut out the circle just inside the outline of the circle. Not sure if that helps, though.

Like I said, it was time consuming. I'm hoping someone knows an easier way to do this and can share!

Kim said...

Thanks Heather!

Also, I forgot to note that I am impressed that Kev even took photos while you were out of town. Good Scrapbook Husband!!!

kid_curry said...

OH that's GRRRRReat!

Tina said...

Very cool page... Love the way to fixed the mistake... looks like you meant to do it! Love the rick-rack at the bottom... it "hugs" the pictures! Super work!

Tina said...

Very cool page... Love the way to fixed the mistake... looks like you meant to do it! Love the rick-rack at the bottom... it "hugs" the pictures! Super work!