Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LOAD213 - Day 2 - Recipe for a Perfect Day

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD213 - Scrap Happier) challenge for Day 2 was to describe your perfect day.  I took this from Kevin's perspective.

Journaling reads:

The Lake
Fishing Boat
Fishing Tackle
Plenty of Bait
Catching Fish
Letting Them Go
Brothers Getting Along
Dad Relaxing
Labatt Blue Light
Homemade Muscle Shirt
Favorite Fishing Hat
No Meetings
No Clocks
No Worries
Making Memories

Some observations about the process and products:

  1. I used Picasa to type directly onto the photo.
  2. I meant to select 8x10 as the size of my photo, but it printed across the entire 8.5x11 page, and I liked the effect.  A good oops.  Or, a "goops" for short!
  3. I wanted the impression of fishing line across the bottom.  I considered using actual fishing line, but that means I would have had to go out into the cold shed to find some, and I was too lazy to do that.


Kim said...

Love, Love, Love it!!! Love your "goops" as well.
BTW - It does represent fishing line. No need to go out in the cold.

~Amy said...

LOVE this page!!!