Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOAD213 - Day 9 - Smile

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD213 - Scrap Happier) challenge for Day 9 was to scrap about what made you happy as a child and is that the same or different today?

Journaling reads:

My mom tells me that I was always smiling as a child and trying to make people smile. I still smile a lot and try to surround myself with happiness and joyful people. I used to dance around the living room in this dress and sing songs. I was only four but I remember this dress vividly. It would twhirl out splendidly when I would spin around. I'm sure I was acting out a scene from one of my favorite musicals. I still love to get dressed up and go out dancing. And if there's a karaoke machine, I'll be sure to sing a song, or two. I love the theater and have had season tickets in the past. Musicals are my favorite!

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