Friday, April 17, 2009

Challenge 10a - 7 Cedar Point

I Love it when I can use a ScRap SiStaZ Challenge to complete a layout for one of my kids' birthday books! This is birthday # 3 of Liam's that I've scrapped, I have 4 more of his birthdays to scrap before August. I can do it!!
7 Cedar Point - double:
7 Cedar Point - left:
7 Cedar Point - right
Some observations about the process and the products used:
  1. This was a challenging challenge for me.
  2. Once again I used Picasa to make a collage, to get the size photos that I wanted, that I then cut up and put into a strip along the bottom. There was still a bit of cropping here and there, but it turned out pretty well.
  3. Both patterned papers are actually just the big Cedar Point map dissected.
  4. The big picture of Liam is of him ON the Demon Drop as we're going up. I thought it would be too hard to take a picture while we were going down. Turns out, CP has a "no picture taking while the ride is in motion" rule anyway, as was pointed out to me on several other rides (Ocean Motion, the Monster, etc.)
  5. The Demon Drop was our second ride of the day. We went from the Carousel to the Demon Drop. Quite a difference, I'd say.
  6. I love love love love LOVE Cedar Point! Probably because I'm a coaster junkie. I think I'll finally admit to being old when I no longer enjoy roller coasters. Lord, I hope that never happens!
  7. The 7 was free hand cut from a piece of cardstock. I almost used the Cricut for the 7, but the 7 was the only thing that I need to have cut out. So, for JUST a 7, I figured I could handle it on my own.
  8. Liam wants to go to Cedar Point for his birthday again THIS year. We'll see. It's not that hard to convince me to go.
  9. In the picture of the Sky Ride cars, the red cable car holds Kevin and Liam. Mitchell, Jordyn, Owen and I were in the car behind them when I snapped this pic.
Inspiration Layout:


Kim said...

Love how you used the map as your paper.

GREAT layout!!!

~Amy said...

LOL! That was going to be my first comment, too, Kim!! Love it Heath...great job :)