Saturday, April 11, 2009

Challenge 11b - Belcher Babes

Today I was able to do ScRap SiStaZ Challenge 11b before I had to start my 20 hour shift at work!! And since there is a break in the action here at the office, I thought I'd post my creation. Can't wait to get home and start working on another challenge.

Belcher Babes:

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  1. I love these ladies.
  2. Patterned Paper, and Cardstock are from SU!
  3. I used "pearls" instead of ribbon. I'm a pack rat. I save everything. These "pearls" are from a broken costume jewelry necklace that broke easily 13 years ago. Then I stored them away in my craft area, for forever, and "voila" today they ended up on my page. I strung them back together on some thread, and they became a border on my page.
  4. I think I need to go back and somehow identify each sister in each picture. And also mention that Shirley is missing from my wedding photo because she couldn't make it (I don't want someone 50 years from now to think she wasn't at the wedding because she wasn't "around" anymore...if you catch my drift)
  5. My layout is similar to the inspiration, but not exact. I did try to keep the heart motif by layering it under my vellum quote.
  6. I miss my mom. She's been in Florida for almost a month and we don't talk on the phone much. We should.
  7. I miss my aunts, too. Most specifically Aunt Mary and Aunt Margaret who both moved to Florida a couple of years ago. The only aunts that still live in Michigan are my Aunt Shirley, who I never saw much outside of holidays, and my Aunt Dee, who now lives in a retirement/assisted living facility in Grand Rapids and is suffering from Alzheimer's. My Aunt Betty has always lived in another state (out west somewhere, then Alaska, now California). But, I do miss them all. Maybe I miss their youth.
  8. Doing this page made me realize how much I miss them and how much they all mean to me.
  9. Re-reading through the journaling, I have spotted a glaring grammatical error. Do I go back and fix it, or let it be? Let it be.

Inspiration Layout:


Kim said...

Love this layout! I love the different photos, how you used the pearls and your journaling. Okay, so usually I find the errors right away but I did not so leave it alone :) I am not going to go back and look for it if I did not find it the first time :) Great Page!

~Amy said...

Priceless! Your journaling is wonderful (I didn't notice the error, either!)

Tina said...

Love that you documented this sisterhood~ what a priceless page!