Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Challenge 10b - five random things about me

Moooovin' on Up! I'm up to ScRap SiStaZ Challenge 10!! Granted, I've only done one layout from challenges 5, 8, & 9, and now 10...but HEY! That's OK! I'll get back to them and do the second layout for each challenge....eventually!!
five random things about me (single) :

Some observations about the process and the products used:

  2. My layout is a bit different from the inspiration layout, but I used the same color scheme - gold, red, brown.
  3. The flowers were punched from patterned paper to cover up some journaling boo-boos around the "m" - so I put a flower on the other side of the title to try and balance it a bit.
  4. Not thrilled with my "five" in the title, but I won't obsess about it or anything.
  5. Brown ribbon between the photo collage and the red cardstock was once be part of a pair of Jordyn's pants that she outgrew and they were not in a condition to donate. So, I salvaged the silky "ribbon". Acid free? Lignin free? Probably not. Plain old FREE? Definitely.
  6. I made the photo collage in Picasa. So frustrating fun!! I just wish I could print on another size paper than 8.5 x 11. I mean, I know PICASA allows it, it's just a matter of what size photo paper I have on hand, and what my printer will allow.

Inspiration Layout:


Kim said...

Woo Hoo, movin' right along! Can't wait to see the rest :)

~Amy said...

Yay! Love it ! ANd don't worry about the acid free stuff...I got over that a long time ago! I still look @ pics of my gma's from 50++ years ago that are fine :))

Tina said...

Very fun page! Love that pic of you dancing... carry on, my fun friend!