Thursday, May 10, 2012

LOAD512 - Day 10 - ON YOUR 7th BIRTHDAY

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD512) challenge for Day 10: Use a cereal box for inspiration.

So, I went in the pantry, and pulled out this box:

And here is the layout that I created:

Journaling Reads:

  1. You had lunch with Principal Brasington in her office. No, not because your were in trouble, but because I won this privilege at the school auction.
  2. Your name and a happy birthday message were on the school marquis. (I also won this privilege at the school auction).
  3. Birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  4. Acting goofy.
  5. Why you chose to put your birthday cash in an Easter egg, I’m not sure. But it was your version of a wallet and you carried it in to the store..
  6. Spending your birthday money on Legos at Meijer. Decisions, decisions.
  7. It wasn’t hard to guess by this wrapping job (done by dad) what our gift to you was. Your own pool stick! You were THRILLED!

 Some observations about the process and products:

  1. I used the same color scheme as the cereal box, white, green, and gold.
  2. The three buttons to the left of the journaled list and the button in the lower right corner of the journaled list echo the green circle/checkmarks and the USDA organic circle seal on the cereal box.
  3. This was quite fun.  There is literally inspiration EVERYWHERE!
  4. Another birthday layout complete!! WHOOP! WHOOP!  I have one more year to do for Owen's birthday book and it will be current.  Cue chorus of angels.

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