Friday, October 26, 2012

LOAD1012 - Day 21 - OJW Golf Outing

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD1012 - S.H.O. Time) challenge for  Day 21 was to scrap about an impossible mission. I wouldn't classify the planning of this golf outing as IMPOSSIBLE, but it IS a big undertaking.

Journaling Reads:

It took a committee of six people, meeting every other week for about 3 ½ months to pull of this year’s OJW Golf Outing at Oxford Hills. This was my second year leading the committee and we exceeded our fundraising efforts, yet again. We raised about $12,000 for the Oxford Junior Wildcats Football and Cheer program. Not only is this our biggest fundraiser of the year, it’s the most fun golf outing, ever. From the Hotties with the Shotties to the Beer Studs to the great mix of people we have golfing, it’s always a good time. I spend so much time organizing the event, that once the shotgun start begins, I relax and enjoy!
1. Me & Michelle with our Jell-o Shots.
2. Me with a sponsor sign that my mom bought. Grandma Bonnie loves her Hillary “Cats”.
3. A cooler full of Jello-Shot Goodness.
4. Time for another team Jell-o Shot.
5. Kevin and me.
6. Tim, the golf pro at Oxford Hills, and I wore matching outfits.
7. We might not have been the winning team, but we were the best looking and had the most fun! Ha! (l to r – Kriss Curtis, Kevin Hillary, Heather Hillary, Michelle Raisch

Some observations about the process and products:

  1. Photo Heavy
  2. Journaling Heavy
  3. This is just a heavy page.  But, it's a captured memory, right?  Even if the blue title font doesn't exactly match the blue ribbon which doesn't exactly match my turquoise outfit which doesn't exactly match my big brad. 
  4. Speaking of big brads (wow, this is starting to sound X-rated), the big brads were a late addition.  I added them to liven the page up a bit.  Feeble attempt.
  5. Another late add was the tab in the top left that says Oxford Hills. Didn't that addition just blow your mind?  I know. Mine, too.
  6. So, I created the pages for Days 20 - 24 on 10/24.  I fell off the wagon a bit, but I hopped back on by creating FIVE pages in one day.  Get some!

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