Thursday, October 4, 2012

LOAD1012 - Day 3 - Pumpkin Perfection

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD1012 - S.H.O. Time) challenge for Day 3 was to use a specific color combination from The Play Date Cafe.  Wine...Pumpkin...Moss

This stretched me out of my normal scrapping style. Normally I think of the story, then find the pictures, then write the story, then print the pictures, etc.  What colors I'm going to use is usually pretty far down in the process. But, I have to say that I loved this website and all of the COLORFUL inspiration.  I'll be visiting it again in the future, for sure.

So, starting with the color palette, I knew what photo I wanted to use.  I had printed this 5x7 of my son, oh about 20 months ago, with the intention of framing it and, well, let's just say I never got around to it.  So, I thought, light bulb, this is the perfect pic for the challenge. 

I wanted to use scraps on this layout so I went to my scrap stash, which I previously thought was organized.  But, as I got into it, I realized it needed a little tweaking.  And by "a little tweaking", I mean a 2.5 hour overhaul.  Previously I had blues/greens in the same pile and pinks/purples/oranges/reds in the same pile.  Um, WHY did I think this was OK?  I mean, within blue, you can have a thousand shades, and you're gonna throw the greens in the mix, too??! Insanity.  So, now my scrap stash looks like this:

As I was in this rabbit hole, I realized that I used to have a SERIOUS scrap saving problem.  Some of the scraps I saved were so minuscule, they weren't even as big as a dime. ....A DIME, people!!  Please tell me I'm not the only one to have suffered from this affliction.  And, if I AM the only one, lie and tell me you've experienced similar scrap psychosis.

Without further ado, here is my page:

Journaling Reads:

Ashton models a pumpkin hat for my friend, Sara Fierce, a.k.a. Knittin' Mama on Etsy. 2010

Some observations about the process and products:

  1. All of the papers, except for the 12x12 background paper were from the scrap stash. Oh yeah.
  2. Sometimes items make their way on to a page to cover up an oops or a blemish.  This is the case for the brackets framing the title and the circle stickers on the photo.
  3. I always feel kind of flat when I make a page that doesn't really have an emotional story to go along with it.  And by emotional I mean, funny, sad, meaningful, poignant, interesting, etc.  There really isn't a story here at all.  Good thing the picture is so cute!
  4. Title letters, arrows, pumpkin journaling spot, and circles on the photo all came from the same sticker sheet.  Fortunately, that sticker sheet came in the colors of Wine...Pumpkin...Moss
  5. Ashton is 2 1/2 now, and we call him a big boy because he recently gave up the bottle.  He told the nanny on the morning of the second day with out a bottle, "I'm a big boy again."  On the afternoon of the second day with out a bottle, he said, "I want a Ba Ba. I don't want to be a big boy."  Honey, if you can formulate that sentence, it's proof positive that you are too old for that daggone bottle.  Anyway, the point of sharing this tidbit is that when I was scrapping this photo, I was waxing poetic for those newborn days.  He was such a perfect little pumpkin baby and now he's a big boy.

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