Sunday, October 7, 2012

LOAD1012 - Day 5 - Prescription Popsicle

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD1012 - S.H.O. Time) challenge for Day 5 was: Pinnochio - Woodgrain & actual wood accents are so on trend. Use some today on your page. Ideas: Draw freehand trying for a lumber look or even mimicking tree rings on a circular embelli. Comb over paint in a wiggly motion to leave a woodgrain look behind. What about supersizing the pattern of woodgrain using washi tape? You could even use popsicle sticks on your page! Put your journaling on them. Or simply gear your story today towards a woodland experience – a camping trip, a tree planted when a child was born, the story behind a wooden item in your home, a Christmas tree story…

When I read this in the prompt: "You could even use popsicle sticks on your page!" I knew instantly that I needed to scrap the post-op pictures of my son eating a popsicle. Framing one of the pictures with popsicle sticks took me straight back to Girl Scout camp. But, it was fun!!


Journaling Reads:

The best thing about a tonsillectomy (Besides getting a week off from school!) is the prescription popsicle. Owen, you were such a good patient. You ate the whole thing, even though it hurt to swallow. You told the nurse, "Eh, I like a little pain." Sure you do, tough guy.

Some observations about the process and products:

  1. I bought a mini label maker from the Smash product line and I loved using it to make the word "prescription" in my title.
  2. Busted out some tried and true Stampin' Up alpha stamps.
  3. I heart White ink pads.
  4. I double heart Kraft paper.
  5. I colored the popsicle sticks orange with a Sharpie.  Probably not considered "archival quality", but sometimes I've been known to dance with the Devil.
  6. Did you know that they don't give kids red popsicles after a tonsillectomy because if they throw up afterwards, they won't know if it's popsicle or blood.  Gross.

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