Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LOAD1012 - Day 9 - Zest

The prompt for Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day (LOAD1012 - S.H.O. Time) challenge for Day 9 was to scrap about something that you do on a regular basis.  So, I decided to take my camera with me to Zumba class today and snap away.  Here's the resulting page.

Journaling Reads:

Before Zest, I liked Zumba. After Zest, I LOVED Zumba. Reading this latest advertisement from Zest Studio Fitness reinforces the fact that it's not just the exercise that I love at Zest, it's everything else that goes with it. At Zest, it's not Zumba, it's Zumbaaaaaaah.

Advertisement Reads:

We all come here for different reasons. EXERCISE is just ONE of them.  Walk through our door and you will find a room full of people who have discovered an amazing source of stress relief, freedom, support, confidence, encouragement, energy, strength, acceptance, excitement, health, and wellness...all wrapped up in one sweaty hour of fun.

Some observations about the process and products:

  1. Pandora station - Bob Seger
  2. Far too many peanut M&M's were consumed.
  3. How did I EVER live without Washi tape?
  4. I put bling around my journaling because I felt like it was getting lost in the busy-ness of this page.
  5. Speaking of busy-ness, this is a loud and busy page.  But, hey, Zumba is a loud and busy thing.
  6. Have I mentioned how much I love Zumba?
  7. The bottom "banner", if you will, is a collection of some of my punch cards from through out the last year.
  8. I have seriously slacked in August and September and already, in October, I'm on pace to double the number of classes from last month.  YAY!